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Martha Pullen loves antique white clothes from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. She and Joe have traveled, from flea markets all over the world to fancy antique stores, collecting “white clothes.” These clothes have allowed Martha and her students to connect with women from past generations. A former English teacher, Martha almost considers these clothes “poetry in lace and batiste.” Tucks are one of the most popular techniques found on Martha’s clothing. There are many different types of tucks, and all of them are easy to do. On this DVD, enjoy Martha's vintage collection while learning lots of heirloom techniques you can use on your own sewing!

Techniques include:

  • Box Pleat
  • Folded Tuck
  • Release Tucks and with Feather Stitching
  • Intersecting Pintucks
  • Bridging to Fabric and Lace
  • Lace to Lace – Building a Yoke
  • Extended Lace Curves
  • Buttonhole BeadingAdding a Hint of Color

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